Thursday, February 7, 2013

Catching up with Boys

I wanted to write a little update on the boys. Davis is almost eight and Sam is six. Time flies by and events take center stage in our life, but I wanted to put down here a snapshot of where the boys are right now.
Sam is going through a difficult phase. He only wants to play at home. If we ask him to do homework, or practice piano, or drink his drinking medicine, or run an errand, he throws a fit. His whole body shudders and he bounces up and down and he sobs and he rolls his glasses all over the place. When we send him to his room for the duration of his fit (our standard fit behavior), he slams the door and throws his stuffed animals all over the room and then sobs desperately on his bed. It is not fun. I started a new zero tolerance policy on homework fits yesterday and took away his lego and beyblade privileges for the day when he threw his fit. He was very unhappy. We will see today if the lesson worked and if homework goes more smoothly. That is the hard stuff. Other than that he is still wonderful. He is so silly. He loves to be silly and try to make you laugh. He loves to take off his shirt and show us his "Meatballs". This isn't as dirty as it sounds as he is really just flexing his biceps. He does the chicken dance and walks like an egyption often. He won't stand still for a photo and constantly wants to wiggle, dance, jump and be silly. Sam likes his swim lessons and enjoys the water and swimming. He looks forward to joining the swim team soon.
He adores his stuffy's, (his stuffed animals) and sleeps with them surrounding him at all times. He likes to celebrate their birthdays and let's them play for him in all games. He loves art and all things artistic. His favorite ways to play are stuffed animal play, legos, art and puzzles. I've been reading the Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe and he is fascinated and totally absorbed. We just started Prince Caspian and he hangs on my every word. He also likes to hear about battles. Today we researched the War of the Roses on his insistance. His other favorite topic is animals. He intends to be a veterinarian when he grows up.
Sam is extremely frustrated with being the little brother. He doesn't like always being last at things and getting the short end of the stick with his brother. He's lost two teeth and is very proud. He is in a strange place of wanting to be bigger and acting like a baby. He will insist he's a big boy while talking in a baby voice.
Our bedtime routine is still super sweet. I read a chapter from a book and then we sing harmony with each other. Then he tells me the best, middle and worst part of his day and then we cuddle and kiss in his bed after lights out at 7pm. I tell him "something to think about" as he falls asleep and it usually involves an adventure with his stuffed animals. He is always quick to give me a hug and a kiss any time I ask for it. He's very affectionate with all of us.
Davis is really great these days. He's eager to help and seems very mature all of a sudden. He does homework with no problem and a great attitude. He loves piano and practices all on his own. His piano teacher says he shows a true gift. Davis is still very independent. He is also extremely stubborn and strong willed, but so much more reasonable than he was. He is usually open to listening to reason and if you have a good reason for your request, he will abide by it. He listens all the time and hears way more than he should. Davis tries to keep up with the news and often has thoughtful, insightful discussions about the world around him.
Davis is passionate about bey blades right now which is a sort of top that battles other tops. It is his main topic of conversation these days. He likes the kids at school who also like bey blades and is dismissive of all others. He likes school and enjoys doing well and being recognized. He loves to turn in jokes to the principal and having them read aloud and hearing his name on the announcements. He enjoys reading and finds it easy.
Davis still loves girls and his three best friends are all girls. I know that around this age, boys typically think girls have cooties, but that could not be farther from the truth for Davis. He just really enjoys their company best. I worry for his sake that his girl friends will start thinking he has cooties and he will be deeply hurt, but so far they still like him just fine. He is already busy choosing valentines for them. Who wouldn't like that? :)
Boy scouts still makes Davis happy and he loves that his dad is his den leader. He likes the kids in his troop and has fun at all the activities. Davis will join swim team this month and is really looking forward to it.
Despite his fierce independence and outward assurance, he is deeply sensitive. At the end of the day, after Sam is in bed, Davis likes to curl up with me on the lounge under a blanket and read with me and then we talk. We sing together and he tells me all about his relationships with his friends and his big thoughts. He still sleeps with his lovie, but goes right to sleep at his 7:30 bedtime. He always kicks off all his covers and is sleeping sprawled out in his bed when I go tuck him in before I head to bed at night.
They are my joy and my life. They are both such blessings to me and I have never loved more than I love those two boys.

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