Wednesday, February 20, 2013

President's Day in Port A

We had a super fun President's Day holiday in Port A. We drove down on Friday after school, stopping at the Thai Cottage for dinner in Corpus. It was delicious. We came in and put the kids down. Shortly after, the Gardners and Liffords rolled in to join us.
Saturday was cold and windy, but we bundled up as best we could and went to the playground by ferry. The kids did some dolphin watching and then had a blast on the playground. We adults found a nice, sunny wind break on the stage and hung out there. Cheris figured out you could ask the office for horseshoes to play in the pit and she and Chris played a couple of games.
After a while, we went to have lunch at Virginia's. We got a table right away and the food was good, but very expensive. Our waiter was nice and the kids were pretty well behaved. That afternoon we took the kites down to the beach and let the kids fly them while Chris and Rob played frisbee, Michael built sand castles and we ladies sat and chatted.
We made dinner that evening and after we put the kids down, we all went down to 101 and played a few rounds of Things. It was very funny. I love that game.
Sunday morning we spent on the beach again. More kite flying occurred and the kids jumped in the waves up to their knees. It was really beautiful though cold and breezy. Sam found a sand dollar! We had lunch of leftovers in the condo and then Chris had to leave us. :( We were lazy for a bit in the afternoon and lounged around the condos. I ran into town for necessities. In the evening we went down to grill some sausages for dinner and let the kids play outside on the tennis courts. This was the kids' favorite part of the beach trip. They played a fairy game and had a blast. We encountered some unfriendly elderly winter Texans, but brushed it off. After dinner the kids went crazy, I read them a book and we put them to bed. Sunday was a quiet evening.
Monday morning, we rose early and cleaned and did laundry and headed home. I was sad to have to leave the beach, we had such a good time. It was a wonderful holiday with great friends.

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