Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sherwood Forest 2013

We drove over to Sherwood Forest Faire yesterday after swim lesson. The boys wore their costumes and brought their bows. The weather was perfect, low seventies, low humidity and lots of sunshine. We had a wonderful time. The boys shot arrows, watched the dog show and caught most of the joust. We watched my friend Anne in her belly dancing show and then grabbed a glass of wine before watching a magic/fire eating show. Sam was chosen out of the audience to light a little cannon and fire a dollar bill at the magician. He loved it and felt very special. I got my hair braided (one of my favorite things to do) and Davis rode the sky chairs. We ended up at the Fool Hearty show and it was our favorite. Davis and Michael were chosen out of the audience and both enjoyed it very much. Davis shone on the stage and ate it up. The show is hilarious and very well done. We had a good time with our little family. We stopped at the Roadhouse in Bastrop for dinner and got home just in time for bed. Michael hasn't spent a day at home in a week and a half, so he was a good sport to spend the day out and about with us again.
Today we hope to do some house things, and may or may not make it out to church and a hike with the greenbelt alliance. Michael deserves a day at home and the kids are in their pajamas so we shall see.

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