Sunday, February 3, 2013

Spending the Weekend with Friends

I have had such a wonderful weekend. Friday afternoon we had a playdate with Ransom and Ellis at the Children's park and I got to spend some time with Marja. We were all thrilled to spend time with our friends that we don't see often.
After our playdate, I decided I didn't want to cook and instead wanted to sit outside at a restaurant in the glorious, warm sunshine and eat and drink and watch my kids run around a playground. Since that isn't possible in San Marcos, I considered driving up to Southpark Meadows in Austin. I texted Cheris to see if she wanted to meet us. Instead, she invited us over. I hastily accepted. We drove up and had a wonderful impromptu evening with our friends. The kids played outside until after dusk and we ate a delicious dinner and sipped a gin and tonic. We love our friends so much and it is so nice to get to spend quiet, quality time with them. Yay, Liffords!
Saturday morning, we cleaned and worked out and then I frantically prepared for Marchelle's baby shower. I picked up mom (one of my co-hosts) and we loaded the back of the subaru and then drove into town to pick up a bunch of balloons. Then we drove a very full car up to Marchelle's house to host her shower. It turned out great. I was in charge of decor, which is NOT my forte, but I think it turned out cute. Mom was in charge of the food and it was AMAZING. The cake was so cute and everyone raved. Marchelle looked beautiful and happy. She is such a wonderful person and truly deserves the joy she is having. I loved getting to shower her. As a bonus, I also got to spend time with my old friend Sarah and her new baby Reese. Reese is a five month adorable chunk of baby and I got to squeeze her and smell her head. I love getting to spend time with Sarah and it was really a treat to get to hang out with her during the shower.
While I was out celebrating Marchelle, Michael and the boys had a great day as well. They went out to brunch with my dad and Martha and Clark who were down for the day. They brought me a set of gorgeous china dishes! I'm in love with them and we intend to use them as our everyday set. After their brunch, Michael and Davis and Samuel drove back up to the Liffords' house to celebrate Violet's birthday. They had a wonderful time and came home with lots of arts and crafts. Davis' only complaint was that he had to share Violet with her other friends.
Today is a rest day. I need one. We slept till 7:15 and I didn't even work out! We will head to church and then come home and float through the rest of the day with no agenda, though I think Michael has plans to turn on some big foot ball game.
I'll add pics to this post as I get them together. Happy Sunday!

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