Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NCL Epic Day 2 and 3

Sunday was a day at sea. We had booked a NickJr. Character breakfast, but hadn't told the kids. The breakfast was held in the Spiegel tent where they do the Cirque dreams dinner. It is a really neat space. We got a great table and really enjoyed meeting the people with whom we shared the table. The kids were thrilled to meet the characters, but Michael and I thought the show was pretty lame. Still the kids liked it and it was for them so it's okay. After breakfast we dropped the kids off at the the kid's club and went to check out Posh. It was awesome. We spread out on the big red cushioned beds on the 18th deck and ordered cocktails. Perfect.
We picked up the kids for lunch and took them to the buffet and then to the pool. Sam swam and I watched him while Michael and Davis hit the pool slides. It was a bit chilly, but they all seemed to enjoy it. We dropped the kids back off at the kids club around 2 and went to a martini tasting at the Shaker's bar. This was really fun. It was fifteen dollars a person, but they brought you out four huge martinis. I could only sip and taste each one since I'm a lightweight these days, but they were delicious! Michael and I enjoyed chatting with some women from Long Island and we spent the afternoon in a lovely, boozy way.
When we picked up the kids, we went back to the cabin and napped and read while the kids watched movies on their kindle fires. We had dinner in the buffet (amazing indian food and nutella crepes from the crepe making station!).
The kids were tired so we put them down around 8:30 and again they went down immediately. It was so nice to have them in the same room and not have to battle bedtime. This stayed the trend for the whole week. Michael and I stayed up and watched movies.
The next day was a sea day as well. It was pretty much a repeat of the day before. We worked out, kids went to the kids club, we ate lunch together and went to the pool, the kids went back to the kids club, we laid around at Posh. For dinner that evening we ate at the Manhattan Room, one of the big dining rooms on the ship. This was not a great experience. The food was really, really slow and the vegan meal they made for me was a fail with shrimp, plain rice and raw vegetables. This was a rare misstep with the food on the boat, but it was disappointing. They did have a nice jazz band onstage and Michael and I got to dance which we love to do. It was a very relaxing, wonderful day at sea.

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