Tuesday, March 19, 2013

NCL Epic Day 4

We woke up early on Monday as were pulling into port in St. Maarten. We were so excited for our sail boat/snorkeling trip I had booked for my birthday. We had packed the beach bag the night before and sped through breakfast and were the first ones off the ship! When we asked the taxi driver to take us to the yacht club, he told me we were on the wrong island. Whoops! Turned out that our sail boat trip would take place on the St. Thomas. I guess I already had cruise ship brain. I ran back to the ship and changed out our beach bag and ran back. We were now ready for our beach day adventure.
We took a taxi to Le Galion beach. It was gorgeous! The water was the most amazing color and you could walk out far into the water without it going higher than your knees. The kids had never seen clear water like that and were amazed. There were some floating swimming rafts and clean white sand. We paid for two chairs and a beach umbrella and settled ourselves. Michael opened a tab at the Tropical Wave, a little beach front restaurant and bar. He bought a bottle of fine French rose for himself, a dirty, dirty lime daquiri for me and two virgin pina coladas for the kids. We were all happy. The kids swam (sort of, Davis said it was cold, so then they went coconut hunting) and Michael made friends and I read my book. It got warmer and warmer until it was about 82 degrees and perfect. We all went on a walk down the beach and when we got back we went to lunch at the restaurant. They had good, healthy fresh food and we all loved it! We lounged more until mid afternoon and then took a taxi back to the ship.
We showered and then went up to the pub to do some bowling. They put up the bumpers for the kids and we had such fun. After bowling we all went to the Spiegel tent for the Cirque Dreams show and dinner. We had front row seats at the table. They made us an excellent three course vegan dinner and the show was so good! Great acrobatics, contortionists and hilarious skits with the clowns. I had low expectations about the entertainment on this cruise, and I was proved so wrong. It was fabulous. The kids loved every moment of it, especially watching the strong men.
After dinner we ooohed and aahhhed over the towel animal, put lotion on our sunburns (only michael got really burnt) and went to bed.

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