Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sick in Miami

Thursday was our travel day. I cleaned the house and packed, picked the kids up and fed them lunch. We got to the airport in good time an dfound our flight to be delayed by 45 minutes. That was fine as we had a three hour layover in Dallas, so we went for ice cream at Amy's while we waited. We arrived in Dallas at 6:40 and had dinner at Chili's. Our flight left around 9 pm. Sam went right to sleep and got a good 1.5 hours. Davis had a harder time sleeping and only slep 45 min. We lost an hour on the east coast and so arrived at 12:45am. The trams were closed so it was. 30 min walk to get our luggage. We got a taxi and made it to our nice hotel, the Hyatt regency Miami, around 1:30am. We had booked our first night in a regular room through American Airlines and our second night in a suite using points. When we arrived they went ahead and moved us into our suite for both nights with no up charge. We were pleased. We all fell into bed by 2am and were instantly asleep.
Around 5am, Davis complained he was hungry. Michael handed him a larabar and we all went back to slee. A half hour later we were woken to the sound of Davis being sick. We cleaned it up and went back to bed, but Davis was sick again at 9am. Sam and I went down stairs for brakfast and Michael volunteered to stay in the room with Davis. I researched the fallout of being sick on a cruise and discovered we could be denied boarding and we would lose all our money if we were found to be ill while boarding and did not just cancel with a doctor note as per our insurance. We decided to let Davis rest and hope he recovered quickly so we could still cruise. I called the pediatrician and went by the pharmacy for some over the counter meds.
We knew we had to keep Sam out of the room so Sam and I spent the day in Miami. We walked to the bayside marketplace and soaked up the sun, watched the boats and had a lovely lunch of fried plantain chips, black bean soup and a mojito for me. The weather was beautiful and the water gorgeous. In the afternoon, I took Sam to the Miami Children's Museum. It's a great museum and we played through the whole museum together. Sam and I dined downstairs together and then Michael took his turn getting out of the room. Davis was feeling better around 7pm and managed to keep some crackers down. He had slept all day, but his fever stayed around 99.5. We felt hopeful by bedtime.
This morning Davis woke up feeling better! He was hungry and had a piece of toast and a yogurt smoothie. He took a shower and is feeling ready to cruise thought still a bit shaky and weak. I feel bad about passing on germs, but I don't want to lose our vacation and all our money.

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