Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Doing better

Things are much better around here. We had a quiet weekend. We were supposed to go camping at Enchanted Rock with the cub scouts, and I had been looking forward to it all year, but with my back and wrist pain, I couldn't go. Michael had spent the whole week in a stressful situation in Lubbock and we all decided, as he frantically packed on Friday night, that we would benefit as a family if we all stayed home and took care of each other. I did a lot of lying around. Michael's parents drove up from their new home in New Braunfels and had lunch with us at the food trailers. I took my cushion and it was a gorgeous day. It was my big outing of the weekend. We are thrilled that they are here and are already enjoying their proximity. While at lunch, they told us they would like to take us on a Disney Cruise to Alaska next summer. You can bet we said yes! Don't I have the most wonderful, generous in-laws ever? We are going with my sister and brother in law and their boys as well and all spent Sunday night chatting it over and making plans.
After lunch I went home and rested on an ice pack while Michael and the boys went to Graham's penguin birthday party. Mom was hosting Lilliana's 13th birthday party at her pool. I can't believe she's thirteen! We had family movie night that evening and watched Rio, which the boys loved.
Sunday Michael took the boys to church and then ran to the grocery store. I stayed home and rested. We went over and said good-bye to my parents in the evening and Michael packed up their truck for their drive to Taos. We'll miss them this week, but it's nice to have the week off to rest.
Monday I drove up to Austin to see my dear friend's new baby! It was my first long car ride and it hurt, but it was worth it to hold that sweet baby. I stopped at Ascot Travel on my way home and we worked out all the details of our Alaskan cruise and booked it! Woohoo! I needed to be out of the house, because we paid a housekeeper to come clean our house. It was totally worth it as I'm still relatively useless with my right wrist. After I picked up the kids from school my car started flashing the brake emergency light. I pulled over and called the dealer and they said to bring it in right away. I called Michael in Austin to come meet us at the dealership in San Antonio (our closest one) and drove straight there. The kids did their homework in the waiting room and we were all happy when Michael came to get us. My back was killing me at that point so I came home and took a pain pilled and laid on the couch while everyone else did stuff.
Yesterday I rested and Michael had a terrible day at work. He is really unhappy and stressed right now and I am trying to support him without hurting myself. I am physically much improved. Sitting still hurts and driving is the worst, as is getting up and down, but walking around is fine and today I managed an odd, side-to-side, shuffling jog around the ranch. Yesterday I tried sitting up from lying flat on my back and saw sparkles and almost blacked out, so I know I can't do that yet. It's a sharp pain around my tailbone and deep ache in the muscles and I can't lean back at all toward the bone, but walking around loosens it up and makes it feel better. My wrist swelling is down and I can use my fingers, though my wrist starts to hurt if I use them to much. I feel like I might not need the brace anymore by the end of this week. At least I hope so. Anyway, it still hurts a whole lot, but at least I feel like it's not always gonna hurt this bad.

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