Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter/Davis' 8th Birthday

We had a lovely easter weekend. On Friday the boys and I drove up to Whole Foods. We ate lunch at the vegan counter and then after our shopping, we ended in the bakery where Davis picked out a carrot cake for his birthday. That evening we had family movie night and watched Rise of the Guardians. It was a perfect movie for Easter and the kids loved it. Davis didn't run from the room once.
Saturday was a day with no agenda. Davis woke up with a swollen eyelid so I rushed him off the to the doctor. They think he has cellulitis of the eye and prescribed both oral antibiotics and eye drops. We got all that sorted and then came home and cleaned the house and practiced piano. With all our chores done for the day we were free! We went out to lunch at Tres Hermanas where I had the most delicious vegan enchiladas. The red diablo sauce was amazing and the whole lunch fantastic. New favorite mexican place in town! After lunch we stopped to get Michael's hair cut and then went back home to be lazy. I took a nap and then Michael and the boys worked on his vespa. We went on a family bike ride. For dinner we all went over to my parents' house. We had cocktails on the porch and then Tiff and Keith and Kade arrived. I made dinner and we all sat around the table enjoying each others company. Tiffany gave me a new swimsuit and cover up for my birthday. I love them!
Sunday was an early morning. We had put up a birthday banner and tied a ribbon on a new pogo stick for Davis. He was greeted by that as well as a stocked easter basket when he woke up. He was thrilled! He told me, "Easter is all about eggs and my birthday is all about cake, so today will be all about cake AND eggs!".
We hunted eggs and ate chocolate and bounced the pogo stick and then I went for a quick run while the kids stuffed eggs for our various hunts of the day. We all dressed up for church and then went over to my mom and dad's house. We visited with them and let them gift Davis for his birthday. He loved his new bey blade and racing cars.
Church was wonderful with a great sermon and a fun easter egg hunt in the garden after. We raced home, changed clothes and got ready for our Easter Potluck at the river.
I made a golden beet salad with rainbow quinoa, roasted shallots and an orange miso dressing from Oh She Glows. It was yummy. We also brought cookies and Davis' birthday cake.
The weather was warm and rain threatened but held off for most of the party. We had a wonderful potluck spread with so many good things to eat! We lit candles on Davis' birthday cake and everyone there sang him Happy Birthday. The kids played football and blew bubbles and then we did a huge easter egg hunt all along the river. We've been doing these river/easter hunt/potlucks since I was a baby and it is neat and odd to know that my children are recreating my childhood. I think it is really special. Stacey and Chris and Cheris and Rob came and brought the kids. Lots of family and friends came by and it was so fun! I drank cranberry cosmos all afternoon and thought everything was splendid.
It started to rain around 4:30 and we packed up and headed home. I was exhausted. We cleaned up the kids and let them play atari while I took a long bath. It thundered and stormed outside and we got some much needed rain. It was wonderful.

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