Monday, April 8, 2013

I Broke My Bottom

Yesterday we had Davis' 8th birthday party at a roller rink. I'll do a separate post for him with all his pictures. I had a marvelous time skating and zooming around, but at the end of the party I stepped onto the carpet and my feel slipped up and away from me and I fell down hard, directly on my tail bone. It hurt at a level ten, ya'll. My legs went numb and I could feel the reverberations through my whole body. And then pain. But I rallied enough to get Davis' presents open. The car ride home was intense, and I took two left over vicodens from my surgery last year as soon as I got home. They didn't help and I couldn't find a comfortable position. Michael dropped me off at the hospital and I waited and waited. They took tons of xrays on both my back and right wrist which had swollen and was very painful.
It turns out that I fractured my coccyx bone and sprained my wrist. They gave me a norco prescription and sent me home. It hurts lots. The most frustrating thing is not being able to use my right hand for anything. Still, it will heal. 3-4 weeks for the tail bone, they said.
I've done nothing but lie around all day and rest. My parents did a grocery store run and are making dinner and Michael is carting the kids around. Michael leaves for Lubbock tomorrow and is so worried, but my parents have promised to take care of us while he is gone this week.
This is taking forever to type with one hand so more later.

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