Monday, April 8, 2013

Space Unicorn Roller Rink Birthday Party

Davis requested a space unicorn themed roller rink party this year. I found a space unicorn graphic and put it on stickers and thank you cards and the evite. We bought rainbow snacks and marshmallow shooters which Davis assembled and mini bags of rainbow marshmallows. (On a side note: Davis assembled these over a week ago and each time he passed the box he gave a satisfied sigh. Then a few days ago he told me that he loved getting hard things done right away so that then he could just relax and have fun and not have to worry about doing them later. It was a huge proud parenting moment for me.) We bought rainbow napkins and plates and glow sticks. Davis wanted neither cupcakes nor cake. He wanted kolaches from Dos Gatos here in town. They made him a rainbow assortment of fruit flavors. Michael made an MP3 of the song space unicorn and had the roller rink play during the party. (Stop right here and go watch this video, then come back.)
Davis wore his roller blades and loved every minute. He especially loved dancing with this large monkey puppet man and hanging in his party room. The roller rink was pretty empty so we had it almost to ourselves. We all had so much fun. We all agreed as a family that is was our favorite birthday party so far. (until I fell, of course, but we're not counting that).
I am so proud of my smart, brave, independent, strong willed, loving eight year old. I love making his birthday special for him. (one handed typing or I'd go on)

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