Thursday, May 23, 2013

Busted Water Heater

Last night Michael and I put on our comfie clothes, grabbed a beverage and headed for our lounge to watch a little Vampire Diaries. As Michael made his way to the couch he started yelling obscenities. I jumped up, saw the floor and started yelling them too.
Our beautiful parquet floor had buckled. Michael ran out to the garage on the opposite side of the wall and realized our water heater was busted. It wasn't surprising really, considering it was 21 years old, which is really super duper old. We immediately called Uncle Larry. Everyone should have and Uncle Larry. He is the BEST. He came over and told us what our problem was and how to fix it.
This morning he showed up and helped Michael get the old heater out. Michael went off and bought a new one at Lowes and then he and Uncle Larry installed it. It's not quite installed, but as soon as Michael can take another break from work, he will finish it and we will have hot water again.
Oh but the floor. Our poor floor. We are going to try and find a match for our 30 year old floor and if we can, then we will pull up the damaged area and glue some more down. If no match is found, we'll have to put a new floor in the whole room. So distressing.
So, Yay Uncle Larry! But Boo water heater leaking damage!

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