Friday, May 10, 2013


I wonder how many of my blog posts are titled busy. Well it is true and I am. We have the montessori fundraiser coming up next weekend (May 18th on the courthouse square at the Texas Natural Swingfest. If you live in town, please come and suport us) and I am the chair and even though it is my last year and I totally have "senior-itis" and want to slack off, I can't, and so I am working my ass off on it. (I'm too busy to make short sentences.) And I am putting together a service on the heart sutra with our minister for the UU church service and I keep thinking I'm done and I keep realizing I'm not. That's true for the montessori fundraiser too.
Michael and I have been working on some hard parenting/married issues and coming through stronger, but it's still emotionally exhausting. I am so lucky to have him and we have really been communicating and talking and I feel closer to him than ever.
I've been working my real job and being social as well. On Saturday we worked hard, cleaning house and cleaning out the garage. That afternoon we had some friends over for a potluck dinner and we had such a nice time enjoying the weather and sitting outside on our new rocking chairs and letting the kids just run around the ranch. Sunday I came down with a bit of a cold and other than driving out for our church retreat in Wimberley, I stayed home and tried to rest. (which really means working on the montessori school fundraiser while sitting down.)
I feel mostly like I haven't had time or energy or emotion to deal with any thing outside of my projects listed above. But it's Friday! And I am slowly emerging, though I still have all those things hanging over my head. I will be so glad when next weekend is over!
This weekend we intend to celebrate mother's day on both days. That is as it should be. In the meantime I just have to keep on, keepin' on.
I think I can. I think I can. I think I can.

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