Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

I've got some really great kids. All that stress I had about parenting them is gone. They are going through a fantastic phase. They are so sweet, both of them. Sam has taken to hugging me every time he comes in or out of the house and it is so sweet. He just wants to make everyone happy and loved. He is such a treasure. Davis is rocking my world in a good way these days too. He's so much fun at this age. He's reading with me in the evening and we have such great conversations and he's super helpful.
They worked hard on my mother's day all week. Yesterday morning they brought me breakfast in bed along with a pile of cards and drawings and gifts. I LOVED it. I got letters from them telling me what they love about me (I don't yell, I play with them, I let them play outside, I help clean their room, I'm a really good cook.) I got drawings and pictures and Michael gifted me with a lovely card and tickets to a dance concert in June. *Happiness*.
I have some really great mothers too. On Saturday morning, Davis and Sam went over on their bikes to my grandmother's house bearing gifts and had a nice long visit. That afternoon they went to a birthday party while Martha and I went and got a pedicure and chatted and talked just the two of us. Then Michael and Clark and the boys met us at the house with Thai food and we all watched the animated, 1977 version of the Hobbit together for family movie night. It was a wonderful afternoon.
Sunday after my breakfast in bed, we drove to my sister's house where we also met mom and dad. Tiff and Keith took us to the Reserve, their fancy, fabulous lake club. We had a great outdoor brunch, while the kids played for hours on the pirate ship, rope swing and along the lake. We had to do a family foundation meeting so we took our time. After a while we moved to their pool area where we lounged in the with margaritas and did more meeting. The kids swam in the pool, did the water slide, toobed around the lazy river and sipped virgin frozen drinks. It was awesome! I loved spending that time with my mom and sister and our whole family. It was like a mini-vacation.
It was a fantastic mother's day weekend. I am so blessed to have such an amazing family.

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