Monday, May 20, 2013

SMMS Fundraiser and Sand and Water Day

I did it! I finished all my major commitments for the year. The fundraiser was on Saturday and despite a few hiccups, came off pretty well. This was such a huge project for me, taking up the whole year in planning and unmeasurable hours of work, but when the day came, it seemed to fly by. The day was hot, but we were in shade and it was breezy. My friend Norma helped watched the kids while we were both working, Michael was an awesome face painter, the kids had a great time and I won some fun packages.
I think it was a success. I don't know the totals yet, but we did the best we could, and that's all I can say. My Uncle Larry came by and so did my friend BG and it meant so much to me to see them there.
This was my fifth year working on this fundraiser and my last. Sam graduates from Montessori on Friday. He feels very bittersweet about it. The future is a very scary thing to him right now. It was a little sad for me too to realize that this might be the last time I would hang out with a group of people that I've grown close to over the last five years.
I am proud that I was able to help the school. I think both my children really blossomed there and that it was the perfect place to send our children for the foundation of their education.
The last three pictures above are of the boys at the montessori sand and water day. Davis took the day off on Friday and went to Sam's school. They made volcanoes and islands in the sand and played in the water and had a party. It was a great day for the boys and Davis loved spending time with the other graduates visiting for the day. He truly is a montessori child and misses that environment. I'm so glad that the boys could have this day together at their old school.

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