Sunday, June 2, 2013

First Sleepover and River Float

We had a fun and really busy weekend. On Friday evening we went out to Pecan Park Campground to celebrate Sam's friend's birthday. It was lovely weather and it was so fun for Sam and Davis to play with montessori friends and for us to catch up with friends new and old.
Saturday morning, Michael and I worked out, cleaned the house, and then recovered the chairs in our dining room. We inherited my grandmother's old dining table and it needed a bit of TLC. We cleaned the wood and restained it and recovered the chairs with a pretty purple vinyl. It looks great now. I also called and drove all over looking for parquet flooring for our lounge floor where the water heater flood has ruined it, but nobody has samples. I finally just ordered some from Home Depot with a hope and prayer that it matches.
Saturday afternoon, Violet and Graham came over to spend the night with the kids. Davis and Samuel were so excited. They cleaned and decorated their rooms and had all sorts of plans. They filled their little pool and put out the slip and slide and the water sprinkler and dove into the water when their friends arrived. The kids played in the water happily till dinner time. I made bean bowls and everyone ate happily. Michael had bought cookies earlier in the day from a benefit bakesale and we served those for dessert. Then the kids got in their jammies and all sprawled out in the lounge (I put the couch and rug over the damaged floor) and we watched Matilda. I had read the book to the boys and all the kids LOVED the movie. I made two batches of popcorn and we all had a good time.
I put the kids to bed around 7:45. We let the Violet and Davis read for a bit and told the smaller boys to go on to bed. Then Michael and I grabbed the monitor that is still in Sam's room (though we never use it) and turned it on to hear what little boys talk about at their first sleepover. They weren't talking at all! They had both just rolled over and gone to sleep without a peep. Davis and Violet talked for a few minutes after lights out, but they were asleep by 8:45. It was a very easy evening.
A storm came in during the early morning hours and woke the big kids, but they stayed quiet and all the kids woke up and watched cartoons around 6:30. (our normal wake up time). I made egg tacos and scones and then the kids played some more. They had so much fun and made a fairy ballroom and Davis and Violet did each others nails and hair and dressed up while Sam and Graham had a light party in their darkened bedroom.
We went to church where we had a lovely service all about the river with a wonderful folk duo. After church we went over to BG and Jamaal's house for a river float! We met up there with lots of our friends. We had a picnic and helped a friend blow out his birthday candle for his third birthday and then all carried toobs over to the river and got in. We tied up all of our toobs and floated down as a great big, jolly, kid-filled group. We had such a good time. The kids got to do the rope swing and the water chute at the end, and I got to spend time with some of my favorite people. It was good times and a great end to a fun filled weekend.

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cheris said...

Seriously, the kids had the BEST TIME EVER. You really made them feel comfortable and happy. And they LOVED the food.
Can't wait to return the favor!!