Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Shaping Sound

This year I received tickets to see Shaping Sound for mother's day. I bought them and got great seats and booked a hotel room and printed out the vouchers and handed them to Michael who wrapped them and handed them to the kids who presented them to me on Mother's Day. It was perfect.
Here's the blurb about the show:
The dance dream that spawned Oxygen's hit show All The Right Moves goes from screen to stage: Shaping Sound premieres its first-ever live national tour! Experience the exhilarating collaboration of dance's new visionaries as they mash up music genres and styles in one explosive performance. Emmy- nominated choreographers and So You Think You Can Dance superstars Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, Teddy Forance, and Kyle Robinson lead a dynamic company of contemporary dancers from SYTYCD, Dancing With The Stars, and international tours with recording artists and world-renowned dance companies. A visually stunning showcase of movement, speed, physical strength, and pure passion – don’t miss the brand new live experience that is Shaping Sound.
We dropped the kids off at my mom's house at 4 yesterday afternoon and then drove to Houston. Michael worked in the car and we inched through traffic in Houston, but we got to the hotel in time to change clothes (in and out of our room, dressed in fancy clothes in ten minutes). We ate in 15 minutes in the bar and had a cocktail and then walked the ten minutes to the theater. The theater was packed with moms and their dance daughters. Michael was seriously outnumbered by women. He had no line for the bathroom.
We took our fantastic seats and the 90 minute show flew by. It was so good! We had some annoying ladies behind who talked so much during the show, both michael and I were driven to turning around and begging them to hush. One even took a phone call during the second act! But we still were able to focus on the show and it was AMAZING. Michael really enjoyed it too and I was so glad.
We walked back to our hotel, fell into bed and woke up seven hours later at 6AM to drive home. We were in the car by 6:30 and home to San Marcos before 9AM. It was a very quick turnaround. A date night on steroids, but totally worth it. It makes me want to go see more dance. And start the boys in dance.

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