Saturday, July 13, 2013

My Wrist

Remember when I fell on my butt and fractured my tailbone and sprained my wrist at the beginning of April? Well the butt healed. But the wrist never did. It got better, but I just couldn't get it well. The evening before we left for Taos, I was cutting some vegetables with that hand and all of sudden something in my wrist just popped and exploded into pain. I called the doctor and he said to get a brace, take my pain pills and call a specialist when I got home from my trip.
I saw the specialist on Tuesday and she thinks I might have fractured my scaphoid bone during the fall. She said sometimes that kind of fracture doesn't show up on the initial x rays. She sent for an MRI on Thursday and I have my follow up appointment to find out the results on Monday morning. If it is a scaphoid fracture, I either get three months in a cast or surgery. If it's not then we don't know why I have so much pain. I don't know which is worse. I got through the trip with lots of pain pills, but when I got back and came off them, I realized that it really, REALLY hurts.
Send me some healing thoughts would you?

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cheris said...

UGH. I'm so so sorry...