Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Taos Summer 2013 Day 2

Saturday morning we woke up early and were in the car by 6:30AM. We stopped at a grocery store for more snacks and a chai tea and hit the road. We drove all morning with only a bathroom break and rolled into Taos by 12:45PM. We stopped at Gutiz, one of our very favorite restaurants in Taos for lunch. We sat outside and had a wonderful lunch. We went on to the house and unpacked and opened all the windows as a rainstorm blew in and cooled everything down. Soon both the Gardners and the Liffords arrived right after each other and the vacation had truly begun.
We sat outside and visited and opened beverages and enjoyed the weather while the kids happily played in the yard. We ordered pizza and Michael and Cheris were heroes and went to pick it up. We enjoyed our evening and fellowship so much. The joy of being together in Taos again was palpable. It was a great way to begin our vacation.

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