Thursday, July 11, 2013

Taos Summer 2013 Day 3 and 4

On Sunday we all had brunch at Old Martina's Hall. My parents love this place and though service had been bad the time we went before I thought we'd try it again. Service was bad again and there was nothing vegan for me to eat, despite the fact that they had said otherwise on the website. The whole brunch felt like a disaster to me though everyone seemed to reassure me that it was fine. After brunch we went across the street to see the most photographed church in the nation. I know this because two different people informed us of that fact. It was pretty and we all went in and blessed ourselves and said a little prayer.
After that, Cheris and Stacey took their younger kids back to the house and we went on to the Taos Drum Company where we got to have the tour and bang on the thunder drum. Chris especially enjoyed this and it was fun to watch his enjoyment. We spent the evening in. The guys helped me chop veggies for dinner and then we all sat around outside on the patio, making and listening to music and letting the kids play.
Monday morning we decided go letter boxing. Cheris took the lead on this one as they have experience with letterboxing and we all had none. It was so fun. Our little treasure hunt began at the Unicorn store where we bought a stamp and notepad. We went on to the plaza from there and found some more stamps- one of which was inside a street sign! We also managed to stop in a hiking apparel store and get a great map with hikes on it and we got to tour the Inger Jirby gallery including their fabulous casitas. I love her art and the kids enjoyed the large metal sculpture animals and free cookies in the garden. Then we hit Twirl and let the kids spend the money they've been saving for months and play on the excellent playground they have there. An excellent time was had by the children.
We ate lunch in with some delicious tamales and salad and rested during the daily afternoon rain. That afternoon we headed to KTAOS, my happy place, for some happy hour fun. It was very, very, very windy, and while that bothered others, it didn't matter to me. I just loved being there. I refused to let anything mess with my good time at KTAO. ;) We had to eat our food inside, so it wouldn't blow away, but the kids and I went outside afterwards and had a pick up game of soccer. Graham and I were on a team against Rowan, Violet, Davis and Sam, but we did our best. I ran and ran until I fell over and had a glorious time doing it.
That evening after the kids were asleep we built a fire on the porch and played things. It was a really, special, very Taos kind of day.

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