Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things happening this week:

1. I'm driving 180 miles a day to take the kids to and from Magic Camp at Highland Mall. They love it. I'm hanging in there. By the way, what happened to Highland Mall? It's a ghost town in there.
2. Michael has been having a rough half of the week. We are all suffering through it. I think all is better now, though. *fingers crossed*
3. I am doing a lot of party planning for our August family birthdays. I love party planning. I'm weird, I know.
4. I am still functioning with only one hand. And I am still overheating. I think I am faulty. A lemon, perhaps.
5. I got TWO gorgeous new bracelets from my parents. I am so happy! I keep falling down, because I am looking at my wrist. (faulty. again)
6. I thought there were six things. I suppose I've forgotten the last one. And now I have to go drive again.
Happy Wednesday!

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