Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Davis Family Reunion- gramp's 90th Birthday party-daily summer life

On Saturday we had a big party at my parents' house to celebrate my Gramp's 90th birthday. All of my Davis relatives from Arkansas came in Wednesday evening at the end of happy hour and stayed till early Monday morning. Marcie and Ann drove in from New Mexico and Manie came in from Austin and we had all the Davis cousins together except for my sister who was at the beach for her birthday weekend. (we missed her!)
We did a lot of lying by the pool and did big grill dinners every evening. my kids and all their second cousins adored each other and did lots of playing and swimming and eating and watching cartoons.
Saturday we had the big party and it was wonderful! Gramp's whole side of his family came and there was so much love in the room. I'm so glad we could honor my Gramp and throw him a party. Everyone had a job to do and we all did it and had a great time. I think we got some great group photos and I'll post them when I get them. Rob's blue grass band played at the party and they were awesome and I got to hang out with Cheris and the boys got to play with Violet and Graham and that made us all very happy. Paul's restaurant, Kate's Place did the catering and it was all delicious and I especially loved a cold squash/coconut soup they served. So yum. We let the kids stay up late as the party wound down, playing "wrestle ball" on the lawn. We made a wish on the first star as we walked home.
Sunday we hung out by the pool some more and then did karaoke and then had a big dinner cooked by my generation up at my grandparents house. I love my cousins and their wives and their kids and I so appreciate the time I got to spend with them. We made a plan to do a reunion like we do with the Walters. We'll host it in two years.
Marcie and Ann left yesterday and I miss them especially. Now things are getting back to normal. Davis is doing engineering camp this week which he loves! I took Lilliana and Sam to the playground today and then to Target to pick out some art projects. Lilliana is very sweet and helpful, but as the summer drags on she is getting more and more sullen and grump. She pouts often and sulks. All this teenage angst makes me glad I didn't have girls.
I've signed the boys up for hip hop classes and cub scouts and piano this fall. I've been spending my days researching travel and trying to help out everyone else as much as I can.

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