Thursday, August 22, 2013

Katie, my Katie

My dearest friend Katie and her son Soren just left to return to the Pacific Northwest this morning. We had a fabulous week together. We picked them up at he airport on Thursday and met Michael back at the house around 5. We had a quick dinner and then we loaded up both cars and headed for Port Aransas. We put the kids down and then stayed up drinking wine and talking. Perfect.
Friday we spent the day on the beach. There were no waves and no wind and when I waded in to my neck I could still see my toes! There was no seaweed either, but there was tar. Michael and Katie spent all day talking and playing with the kids.
Saturday morning we went into town where we played at the playground, got candy at Winton's and ate lunch at Shell's. We spent the afternoon back on the beach and had dinner in.
Sunday we swam at the pool in the morning and had lunch in the condo. Then Katie and I darted into town for provisions and Michael took all three boys to the gift shops. We spent the afternoon under our EZ up by the ocean.
Monday we cleaned and packed and then drove into Corpus to visit the Texas State Aquarium. The last time we had been was with Katie and Soren when the boys were two. We all enjoyed it much more this time. After our visit to the aquarium we had lunch at the Executive Surf Club and then drove home. Michael packed up that evening to head back for another week in Laredo.
Tuesday morning I got Michael off to Laredo and Lilliana off to camp and then Katie took Soren to visit his dad and I took Samuel and Davis up to Austin to see the doctor and do some shopping. We reconvened in the afternoon and let the kids play and drank wine and recovered from our brief separation.
Wednesday I took Katie and the kids to Aquarena springs to do the glass bottom boats and then we went to lunch at Casa Maria. I figured they needed some good mexican food. Then we went and got a quick manicure and headed back to the house where I dropped off Katie and the kids and went to my first physical therapy appointment for my wrist. That afternoon we went over to my mom's for a pool party where Katie and Soren could meet my friends. Last night Katie and I snuggled into the couch and talked until bedtime.
I had such a wonderful time with her. She is one of those friends that will last a lifetime. Our friendship has an unconditional love that is extremely rare and I adore her. Soren and Davis were always close when they were babies and they still enjoyed each other, but I was surprised to see how much Soren and Sam fell in love with each other. I also loved to see Katie with Sam. Davis often basks in Marchelle's presence as his godmother and Sam really enjoyed having Katie shower him with godmother love.
We have made plans to spend Christmas together and we will visit them in the pacific northwest in late June. It really was the very best week.

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cheris said...

Oh, I remember that trip to the aquarium! At 2 years old the kids were more interested in the playground than the fish.
So sorry I missed Katie! Our airplanes must have passed each other... :(