Tuesday, October 22, 2013

FoodStock San Marcos

Before the party, we had a fabulous Saturday afternoon. We took a break from party planning and house cleaning and took the boys the San Marcos courthouse square for Foodstock. From their facebook page, here is a description of their mission. FOODSTOCK is a concert & benefit for the Hays County Food Bank. This free show and event happens three times a year on the San Marcos Courthouse Lawn. Though the event is free, the Hays County Food Bank staff will be on hand accepting fresh produce, non-perishable food items, and monetary donations. Your donations will go directly to feeding those in the community who need our help.
Visit http://haysfoodbank.org/ for more information on the Hays County Food Bank and its mission.
We love to go to foodstock. This time the Derailers were playing and they were awesome. The weather was cool and crisp- perfect fall weather with bright sunshine. We met all our friends there and spread out picnic blankets on the courthouse lawn. The kids ran off with their balls and bubbles and played with their friends for hours. The guys stood around and played frisbee and "watched the kids" and the ladies sat on the blankets and chatted. They had all sorts of booths to browse and several kid activity areas. Martha and Clark and my parents came out as well and we all enjoyed the beautiful day.
Around five, we packed up and went with my parents to Louie's Oyster Bar. We had huge helpings of lovely fried things and big glass of wine and enjoyed being outside and each other's company.
I love foodstock and hope more people take advantage of what a fabulous event it really is.

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