Monday, October 7, 2013

Palmetto State Park with the Cubscouts

We had our fall campout at Palmetto State Park this weekend with the cubscouts. We drove down Friday night and came back Sunday by noon.Here are some highlights:
1. Our new tent is awesome and water tight. We discovered the water tight part during the torrential rainstorm on Saturday night.
2. When the weather is 800 million degrees at night like it was on Friday night, you can take off the rain guard and watch the stars through the mesh dome of the tent. It's slightly cooler and very beautiful.
3. I cooked breakfast for 33 tigers. It looked like vomit, but according to Michael, it tasted good. My foodie pride has been crushed.
4. I always decide that I will never camp again on the first day of the campout.
5. The kids had the best time ever. They played baseball, football, frisbee, washers. They went fishing and hiked and biked all over the playground. They stayed up late and made s'mores and played with flashlights.
5. Davis got his new pocket knife and learned to whittle. He also almost sliced his thumb off. His new pocket knife then moved into my pocket.
6. We saw a snake and a rabbit. Yay, nature!
7. We've made some good friends through the cubscouts and made more on this trip.
8. Michael is an extremely responsible den leader. He must have helped at least 8 Tiger cub families set up their tents.
9. Coming home to a cold front, and taking a shower and sitting on mom and dad's front porch with a cold glass of rose wine was a perfect ending to an exhausting weekend.

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cheris said...

Heh. I thought of you when I woke up at 3am Saturday night during the torrential storm.
Sending Violet camping with the Girl Scouts BY HERSELF. ;)