Sunday, November 17, 2013

Field Trips- Indian Day

The kids' new school has a field trip once a month for each grade. This month, the first graders went to Landa Park in New Braunfels to study trees. Samuel loved exploring the park and his grandparents met him out there for part of it.
Friday was Davis' special day, but instead of going on a field trip, we had Indian Day. The kids had researched a tribe and taken an Indian name. Davis was Soaring Hawk of the Comanche people and he did his report on Comanche shelters. The kids all had costumes and the parents all volunteered to put on a day of activities for the kids. We set up a teepee outside the back of the school and put out a buffet table of all the food the Indians would eat. We had stations of beading, carving, storytelling, archery. I got to know some of the other parents better and had a wonderful day. Davis loved it, too. It is one of the more wonderful parts of our new school.
After school I brought home a friend of Sam's from school and the kids had a playdate. My friend Elizabeth brought her other son over who is in Davis' class and the kids had a marvelous time while Elizabeth and I had a Friday happy hour and worked together to bake Sam an apple pie for his birthday. We had a wonderful evening. Hooray for new schools and new friends!

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