Sunday, November 17, 2013

Justin Roberts/Veterans Day/Wurstfest

We had such a good time last weekend!
Friday evening we met our friends at the Railyard for a quick dinner and then all made our way to a Justin Roberts concert at the Methodist Church. The kids bounced around and the band was great, but Davis had his first realization that his dearest girl friends are starting to think he is yucky. It brought out the mama bear in me to see his eyes filled with tears and his friends shied away from dancing with him, but he didn't want me to comfort him. They are growing up and things are changing! It is hard. Luckily, Samuel still danced with me!
Saturday morning we faced the rain and went to the Veteran's Day parade. Michael and the boys walked with the cub scouts and I waited at the square in the rain. Right as the parade began, my friend Norma joined me and then my parents came with my nephew Kade and my Gramp! I was so happy he could come as he is a WW2 vet. It was a moving parade.
Saturday afternoon we had a soccer game and both sets of the boys grandparents came to see them and their cousin Kade. When the game was over, Martha and Clark had to leave, but we were still ready for some fun, so we went over to my parent's house and built a fire and cracked open the wine and put our feet up and had a lovely dinner. Kade and the boys played so well together! I love that the cousins are bonding.
Sunday morning my mom made all the boys pancakes and then we picked up Lilliana and drove to New Braunfels where we met up with Martha and Clark and we all walked over to Wurstfest.
We got there right as it opened and that was a great time as it wasn't very crowded at all. My parents bought the kids all wristbands and they rode all the carnival rides a lot of times. We ran through the food area and got stuffed avocados and fried vegetables and then Martha and Lilliana and I tried to polka to the great band they had on stage. As we left the food area, I ran into my friends Elizabeth and Beto and their boys. We sat with them at their table after my parents took Lilliana and Kade home and our boys and theirs took off together to do all the carnival rides again. Samuel did great on the rides and didn't get sick once! I'm hoping maybe he is outgrowing his motion sickness!
It was a very busy, very fun weekend full of family and friends. I want to spend this time with my kids before they don't want to spend time with me!

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