Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Dear Diary

Dear Diary,
I've been so busy since I got back from NYC. It's like there are not ever enough hours in the day. Life keeps moving forward, though.
I'm still feeling very introverted. I just want to stay home and quiet with my family as much as possible. I don't know what set me into this phase, but it seems I am firmly intrenched here for a while.
We had ranch happy hour by the fireplace at my mom's house on Friday, which was lovely and then we played Ticket to Ride with the kids at our house, which was fun, but Michael was grumpy and we got in a spat and then we talked and made up, which was good, because communication is good and making up is good, but the arguments are never fun.
Saturday we cleaned and wrapped presents and then took the kids to soccer (they lost again). Then I got my hair done while Michael took care of the kids and the house. That afternoon I wrote all our christmas cards and baked a cake with Sam and worked with him on his growing crystal set, while Michael and Davis built Davis' cub mobile in the garage. In the evening, the sitter came over and Michael and I went to celebrate Anne and Alex's birthday party. It was so fun and a great crowd of all our best friends, but Anne had to miss her own birthday party because she was sick. We all missed her very much.
Sunday we skipped church and made pancakes and I only left the house once to do a quick grocery run. It was maybe the best day every. We had a wonderful visit from Marchelle and her baby and my parents came over and we all oohed and ahhed over the baby. Davis was so gentle and sweet and stayed with baby B the whole time. He is such a good god-brother! We played ticket to ride again after they left and then put on our jammies and watched A Christmas Story for family movie night with homemade pizza and tubs of popcorn. I love my family. The kids are the very best age. And despite our spats, I really love my husband too. We are constantly growing in our relationship and our commitment to each other. Marriage takes work and we think it's totally worth it.
Monday was all about doctor appointments. I took Sam to Austin to see his G.I. specialist. We can't explain why Samuel is still struggling with constipation, when we are doing everything the doctor prescribed, so our next step is a MRI in order to see if his sacral dimple is causing the problem. We are scheduled for the MRI for next Monday. Poor, sweet Samuel. He just goes along with everything and trusts us as we keep subjecting him to indignities.
I finally got to see my spinal doctor yesterday afternoon and hear the results of my MRI. I have arthritis in my spine and two bulging disks and lumbar stenosis which is compressing several root nerves including my sciatic which is giving me a LOT of pain. I've been so much worse since our trip to NYC and my dr theorizes that I somehow got it inflamed by the cold, and heaving my luggage and all the walking.
So now I am scheduled for a series of injections that are supposed to really help. I'm hoping to get those next week. I was also told, in no uncertain terms, that I am no longer allowed to run. Ever. I love to run! I've gotten so good at it! So I am at a loss. I've added a spinning bike to my christmas wish list, because I refuse to get out of shape after how hard I've worked and I do love spinning. He said to do pilates at least 3 times a week and not to lift anything over 25 pounds. I can do all that and it will be worth it if my back feels better. If the injections don't work, there is some outpatient surgery I can do to widen the spinal canal, but hopefully I won't have to do that at all.
So diary, that is what is going on. I won't have time to rest again until we get to Taos on the 21st. For now we are just getting done what needs to be done. Presents are all bought, christmas parties are planned. Now I just need to cook and clean and wrap and help kids with home work (Davis' school and homework are SO challenging, if we don't study, he brings home c's), be the class mom, make Davis practice piano, run the kids to lessons, take Samuel to his well visit, MRI, make him take his laxative, work, pack the car, follow up on foundation business, pay bills and get it all DONE!

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cheris said...

Don't forget to put a little rest for yourself on that list; you're going to burn out otherwise.