Thursday, December 19, 2013

My Back AND my domestic bliss

I went and got some steroid injections in my back at the day surgery center on Tuesday afternoon. I couldn't eat or drink all day because they were putting me under. I felt like a kid again as mom and dad had to drive me. I was nervous, but it wasn't too bad. I felt drunk for the evening and slept just fine, but I woke up in excruciating pain on Wednesday. They said this might happen and that it could take up to five days to work, so I sucked it up, took a pain pill and hobbled through the day.
I did so much yesterday too. I packed up all the presents and all our clothes for the trip. I went to hobby lobby and the grocery store and made sugar cookies for Davis' class party and the kids and I made 22 orange pomanders with cloves and red ribbon and individualized handmade name tags. I made dinner and did laundry. Then Michael came home and I collapsed. Mom and Dad came over yesterday and gifted the children with their christmas presents. They got snowboarding lessons for Taos and some goggles. They were thrilled. Michael got the TV for his video games that he want more than anything in his secret heart of hearts. He was so surprised. It was so fun to see such happiness.
I feel better this morning, so yay! I'm hoping I will feel great tomorrow for our car ride to Taos. Tonight is the kids' Christmas program at the academy. I am really looking forward to it.
I am scheduled for more injections later in January. I might do another round after that and we are hoping that they will make me pain free for at least a couple of years. That would be so wonderful! I miss running so much, but I know I will enjoy riding a bike and I know that I want a healthy back in the long run, so I am making good choices. For now it's lots of lots of gentle pilates.
It's easy to feel like my body has been letting me down these last five years with my food allergies, eczema, pelvic tumors, endometriosis, cracked tailbone and bone bruise in my wrist and now all these issues with my back. Just writing it all out makes me feel like such a hypochondriac, except for it is all real and proven by surgery/MRI's. (and pain and discomfort). I don't even want to tell people about my back as I feel that I've used everybody's sympathy right up. But this is my journal and so I put it forth as fact.
And now I will suck it up and move forward because other than these fixable issues, my life is great. I have the best family ever and great friends and financial security and vacations and the cutest, sweetest kids in the world. Check out these happy pictures of domestic bliss with my loves.

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