Thursday, December 5, 2013

NYC Thanksgiving 2013

We had an amazing Thanksgiving holiday. We rented an apartment through Airbnb that turned out to be perfect! We were one block away from the Museum of Natural history and it had two bedrooms, one of which was a children's bedroom full of toys, free wifi, a big screen tv. It was freezing, freezing cold. Way colder than usual for that time of year, but we bundled up and did just fine. This was our family foundation trip and so we went as a whole family and had such a great time. It truly was a trip of a lifetime. I loved spending the time with my sister and her family. Kade and my boys are at a magical age where they all get along so well. My sister makes me laugh like no one else. My mom and dad are always such a joy to travel with. My dad struggled a bit with the big city, but he did so amazingly well. He is so brave and loving. His character shines through and I love him so. The boys loved the whole trip, though I know without question that their favorite thing to do was FAO Schwartz.
I don't have time to devote to thoroughly recap the whole trip, but here is the itinerary of what we did. With pictures!

Tuesday | Nov. 26
Arrive at 1PM (no luggage)
Run to drugstore for snacks and wine and toothbrushes
Happy hour in our awesome upperwest side apt with mom and dad
Dinner at Ditch Plains with mom and dad and Tiff, Keith and Kade

Wed | Nov. 27
Museum of Natural History (Michael had to work and missed the whole thing- kids loved the dinosaurs, planetarium, and minerals)
Indian take out from Swagat
Family Foundation meeting at our apt.
Watched Macy’s day parade balloons blow up 5PM
Dinner at Calle Ocho with cousin Amie and whole family 5:45PM
Walk around museum to see balloons in huge crowd

Thurs Nov. 28 (Best Thanksgiving Ever)
Meet mom and dad at their hotel and watch parade line up 8AM
Subway toTiff and Keith’s hotel 9Am
Thanksgiving Parade 9:30AM Great view right across the street from CBS. Had Zabars lox and bagels and whitefish and mimosas.
World Yacht Thanksgiving Lunch 1PM-3:30 Pier 81 W. 41st St (whole family- we saw the Statue of Liberty!)
FAO Schwartz with the kids. They had saved for six months and we spent two hours having so much fun. Sam discovered Build-a-Bear. It was magical.
Dinner from Swagat (just us) in our PJs watching Madagascar on our big screen tv in the apt.

Fri | Nov. 29
Pick up Kade 9:15
Central Park Zoo (Michael and the boys and me)
Carriage ride around Central Park with mom and dad and the boys
Walked down 5th avenue to see store windows
Lunch with Tiff and Keith and whole family at Italian restaurant near Rockefeller Center
Rest at apt.
Dinner in Brooklyn with whole family and Tina and Nick at Frankie’s 456. (Totally delicious-three hour dinner with fantastic conversation and good friends.)

Sat | Nov. 30
Laundry and rest then subway to Chinatown
Lunch at Shanghai Cafe Deluxe (scallion pancakes, veg. dumplings, lo mein, bok choi and more! Why can’t we get food like this in Texas?)
Times Square
Matilda on Broadway 2PM Shubert Theater (totally amazing and wonderful. We had the best seats in the house and we all adored every bit of it. I think the kids are hooked!)
Grand Central (HolidayTrain Show)
Dinner at Akdeniz Turkish Cafe with Jamey and mom and dad and the boys

Sun | Dec. 1
Newark airport 8:30Am
Flight overbooked- volunteered our seats for $400 each
Took shuttle to Jersey Gardens Mall and saw Frozen 11:30AM
Lunch with vouchers and Grand Central Oyster bar 2PM
Manicure in Airport 4pm
Direct Flight home 6:30
Home! Midnight

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