Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Soccer and Piano Recital and Caroling

The kids had their last soccer game of their season on Saturday. They lost again, but Davis had a great game. He was very speedy! They had a good time and each got a trophy! They were so pleased. We came home and baked cookies and played Qwerkle and watched Home Alone 2.
Sunday was Davis's first piano recital. He and Sadie were the only two children in Mr. John's piano studio, but they did very well. Davis was very disappointed as both sets of grandparents bailed at the last minute and only the two sets of parents were in attendance, but we all dressed up and clapped and made a big deal and I think he was very proud. I was too! My buttons were bursting. Mr. John had made a program and they bowed and played at the grand piano and it was all very important and formal and wonderful. Davis and Sadie were so cute and talented! Okay, enough gushing. I hope he sticks with piano even though he hates practicing, because he has a good ear and I think one day he will thank us for it. Right??? We shall see. In the meantime, I have pictures and video.
After the recital we walked over to the H's apartment and spent a wonderful hour chatting while the kids played furiously. Then we walked down to the square and met many of our friends for the H's annual Caroling party. We walked around the square and sang at businesses. Anne handed out songbooks and instruments and antlers for all and we had a merry time. My back was hurting at the end, so we picked up a pizza to go and headed home where we curled up in front of the TV in our pajamas for a family movie night screening of "The Polar Express".
Naughty or Nice Party, Soccer, Piano Recital, Caroling, Christmas! This weekend rocked.

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