Tuesday, January 21, 2014

MLK at Port A

We just had a beautiful weekend at the beach. The weather was gorgeous- warm, sunny, low seventies, amazing for January.
We drove down on Friday after work and met the Liffords at the condo. We put the kids down and stayed up talking.
Saturday morning, after muffins and pajama time, we took the kids down to the lawn and let them skate on the side walks. The sun was warm and the kids happy, so Cheris and I made a picnic and brought it down and we all ate outside.
After lunch, we went upstairs, changed the kids into swimsuits and gathered up all the beach stuff and headed down to the sand. We spent all afternoon beach combing, building sandcastles, playing frisbee and jumping in the waves. Our friends, the Santos' came over to meet us and we all played together.
When the sun set, we made our way upstairs and had lots of delicious tacos. The Santos family had some friends come join us and we were a very merry group.
I fell asleep very early that evening.
Sunday morning we played a fun game of ticket to ride and then put on our clothes and headed to Shell's for lunch. We all sat outside in the sunshine and the Santos's met us there. We had such a feast and the kids enjoyed all sitting at their own table. (we enjoyed that too.) When lunch was over and the kids and i finished playing tag in the lawn, we drove to Winton's Candy Store to pick out dessert. Then we all caravanned over to the park to let the kids play.
We enjoyed the park and the day for a couple of hours and then broke up to do errands with a plan to meet back on the beach. I picked up some shimp and went back to the condo to make dirty rice with shrimp for dinner. The Liffords came home with firewood and we all went down to the beach around 4PM to make a bonfire. It was colder that evening, but our fire kept us toasty warm and it was so pretty. I'd never made a bonfire at the beach before, but I guarantee we will do it again. The Santos' met us there and then we all went up to have dinner. We put the kids in the bedroom with a movie after dinner and the grownups played a fantastic game of Taboo. We put the kids down late and then Cheris and Rob and i went down to the hot tub while Michael had to do some work.
Monday morning we played another game of Ticket To Ride and then packed up and headed home. It was such a relaxing and wonderful weekend. We love, love, love getting to spend the time with the Liffords and it is so fun to watch our kids grow together. It was also fun to spend time with new friends!
I love Port A and I love that we are building so many beautiful memories and traditions there. Good times!

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cheris said...

We had such a fun, relaxing time! Thanks so much for another wonderful weekend. (Although maybe next time I shouldn't drink wine while playing Taboo with near-strangers.)