Monday, January 27, 2014

Pinewood Derby

The kids participated in their cub scout Pinewood Derby on Saturday morning at Dick's Classic car garage. Davis made his car ALL by himself this year. His theme was the clone wars. He was really hoping to win for speed this year. Samuel sanded and painted his car all by himself, but I helped him with his mardi gras theme by cutting and placing beads and making a sign. He was hoping to win for creativity.
We took the cars to impoundment on Friday night and on Saturday morning we donned beads and clone wars masks and drove to the race. It was really fun and exciting. Martha and Clark met us there to cheer the boys on. Neither boy won for speed, but we all enjoyed the race and getting to visit with our friends. The creativity awards won't be announced till the end of February so Samuel is still holding out hope.
Pinewood derby is a really fun event and I'm always glad the boys get to participate.

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