Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day

We had a big freeze last night. We stayed up late betting that school would be delayed and helped the boys finish their pinewood derby cars. Davis is going for speed and Samuel is going for creativity. I had so much fun working on Samuel's car.
We woke up late and found out that school was not only delayed, but cancelled! We put on layers and built a fire and had a very busy, very rewarding day. Michael got to telecommute in and stay home!
I made waffles and then went to work out, while the kids read and did homework. Then I worked on travel a little bit while the kids practiced piano and guitar. Then I made eight quarts of soup for my soup swap. I made a huge pot of lemongrass stock and then made a carrot thai soup using the stock. As I did, I also helped the kids work on their school project that is due in a couple of weeks. It's almost done!
Then I folded laundry while the kids played star wars. We realized it was almost snack time so the kids and I made sugar cookies and then the kids decorated the cookies while I sent in all the forms for camps for the summer.
Michael appeared out of his office around 4PM and took Davis and both derby cars to be weighed and impounded for tomorrow. Samuel looked through old pictures on my iPad while I whipped up TVP sloppy joes and coleslaw for dinner. Tonight we will have family movie night and cozied up in our pjs. It was such a busy day that I can't believe it's evening already, but we got so much done!
I am so grateful for this snow day. The kids were so great and didn't fight at all and took care of themselves for the most part. My house is cozy and warm and full of good smells. The fire is crackling and my dogs are cuddly. There couldn't be more wonderful people to be stuck in the house with than my boys. Hooray for ice!

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