Saturday, February 22, 2014

An Eventful Saturday

So. We woke up early this morning- too early, it hurt, but we did it. The boys all put on their running gear, ate a quick breakfast and we went to the Master's School for their 5K run fundraiser. We helped set up and I was put in charge of refreshments. Eventually it warmed up and people arrived and the race began. Davis and Michael ran the 5K. Davis chose to run it with his friends and not with Michael. We've entered that stage. Michael ran fast and strong. We found out when the times were read, that Michael won first place for his age group! I was so ridiculously proud of him. Davis did very well too, running the entire thing in 30 minutes. Then it was time for the kids 1K fun run. Samuel ran that one with his friends and Davis went ahead and ran it as well. Michael also won a door prize of a towel and t-shirt and then we stayed till the end in order to help clean up.
Then we drove straight over to the farmer's market to help support the Montessori school fundraiser. I had bought six raffle tickets and six rubber ducks so I was hopeful we might win something. We also bought lots of treats at the bakesale. It was so wonderful to see Ms. Spaulding, the kids old teacher. Watching the kids run to her and embrace her was so sweet and heartwarming. They still say that she is their all time favorite teacher. I was glad to see all my old montessori parent friends at all. It made me nostalgic. We won TWO of the raffle items, some jewelry and tattoo gift certificates and then stopped by at the Presbyterian MDO booth to buy some tickets to their spaghetti dinner to support the program to which our friends the H's send their children.
We came home and showered and ate lunch and then headed back out to the playground to meet the Hs and the Gs for a play date. Fifteen minutes after we arrived, Samuel face planted on some limestone concrete bricks and started screaming. His nose was bleeding and huge and black so we scooped him up, left Davis with our friends and headed for the emergency room. We didn't want to risk an urgent care visit since it was his face. We were in triage when Samuel started vomiting and then fainted dead away. I totally panicked inside and the nurse swiftly swept him away into the emergency room and a doctor came right in. They looked him over and ordered a cat scan and blood work and an iv. The IV hurt Sam a lot and he started screaming and it didn't go well. He thought the cat scan was interesting. After three hours, we were informed that the nose wasn't broken at all! Samuel had gotten his color back and felt better and they sent us home, advising us to keep ice on his nose, keep him quiet for 24 hours and give him motrin. We were so, so, so relieved. His nose is hugely swollen and black, but his eyes are no longer blood shot and he actually looks pretty great, considering.
Now we are home and everyone is gathered in the lounge, cozied up in pajamas and blankets, watching the olympics.
It was a very eventful Saturday.


cheris said...

Ack! Stop going to the ER!
Glad he is okay, geez. Did he faint because of the loss of blood & excitement? How scary!

Rob L. said...

DANG! I hope today is a lot more relaxing.

Marco said...

It sounds like you had quite a full day, and I'm sorry that you had such an awful experience in the midst of such fun. I am happy to hear that your experience receiving medical treatment was such a positive one and ended with good news. I hope the rest of your weekend was less stressful but just as fun as your Saturday began!

Marco @ U.S. HealthWorks Columbus (GA)

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