Friday, February 7, 2014

Grandparents Day

We've had some serious winter weather for San Marcos the last few weeks. This week we had school delays yesterday and today along with snow, sleet and lots of ice. This morning was grandparents day at the kids' school which is a Big Deal. They send out fancy invitations and it's a half day of school and the kids present projects that they have been working on for months.
We were very afraid that Grandparents day would be cancelled, but we just managed to make it happen though my dad thought we were all crazy for venturing out into that weather. It was icy and the grandparents scurried from one heated room to another, but the kids were super proud and so were the grandparents. Davis and his dad built a cub mobile for his project and the kids at the school thought it was awesome. Samuel displayed his rock collection for his project and that was a hit too. All the grades did recitation during the grandparents program and I enjoyed getting to show Martha, Clark and mom and dad all around their school.
After the program, we all went to lunch at the volcano restaurant (Kobe steakhouse) and the kids loved it and we all had such a nice time. Michael had to work from home, but I took lots of videos and this day was about the grandparents anyway.

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