Monday, February 3, 2014

Less than Domestic Bliss

Remember how last weekend my children were angels? That didn't last. This weekend my children proved extremely challenging. My husband wasn't all that angelic either. Still, we carried through.
Sam won't ever stop making noises. Sound after sound, after buzz after made up word after song after nonsensical syllable. He has a never-ending case of verbal diarrhea. It gets old.
Davis is so, so, so, so, strong willed and STUBBORN. I know my mother is secretly thinking the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. But still. It gets old.
Still, we carried through.
We had a friend over on Friday after school. It was a beautiful day and the kids beat each other with light sabers and ran around outside discovering new "forts" down in the gulley by the river. We had pizza and watched a terrible, horrible movie for family movie night.
Saturday we took off early. The boys dropped me off for my hair appointment while they all went to the SOAR festival at the activity center. This celebrated all things STEM. They loved it. Then we grabbed a bite to eat together at the food trailers and headed for the outlet mall where we bought the kids some cowboy boots for their horseback riding lessons. (THank you, Mom!). After that, we all loaded back in the car and drove up to Austin for Violet's roller skating birthday party. It was perfect and precious and so fun to see Davis fit right in with all those girls. I stood on the sidelines and watched as this was the scene of that tragic fall where I realized how fragile my body is now that I'm over 35.
Then we drove home where the kids nagged and fussed and irritated us to no end.
Sunday the boys went to a church meeting while I grocery shopped and then we came home to have a relaxing day at home by the fire. We were cat sitting Razz and he seemed to be the only relaxed one in the home. We finished school projects and the kids beat each other with light sabers and then we played Clue for family game night and nobody enjoyed except for me. And possible Razz.
Then we had an epic melt down over practicing piano and guitar and we put Sam to bed. At 6:30.
The only redeeming bit of the day was when we fell on the couch to watch halftime of the Super Bowl and Davis crawled up under my blanket to cuddle. He never does this. This was amazingly special. It made mama feel better. After we put Davis to bed, we turned off the Super Bowl and watched the series finale of Treme. Which was awesome. But sad. But wonderful. And Razz, our borrowed cat, curled up on my chaise lounge and purred. Which was nice.

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cheris said...

I'm so glad you made it up to the party despite all the stress! I'm sure all the sugar had something to do with the Saturday night meltdowns. Violet & Graham did the same thing.

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