Sunday, February 9, 2014


We got to keep Violet and Graham this weekend while Rob and Cheris went out of town to celebrate Rob's birthday. We had so much fun. They dropped the kids off at 9:30AM on Saturday and they played hard until they picked them up at 2:30PM on Sunday.
They all get along so well and had a marvelous time. They painted and did art and played legos and lightsabers and puzzles and chinese checkers all morning and then I made bean and cheese soft tacos for lunch which they ate while watching the Olympics. Then I kicked them outside and they played out there all afternoon. They painted the cub mobile and made acorn "stew" and little men out of mud. They paused to shove a half dozen caramel empanadas down their gullets and then I took them on a walk down to the river bottom and they explored and ran around and let their imaginations go wild. They came up much later and raced various wheeled toys down the driveway. Michael and I got lots of chores done while the kids were occupied and the sun shone down and warmed us and it was pretty much a perfect day.
That night, Michael went and got pizza and I herded them into their pajamas and we all settled into the Lounge to watch "The Sound of Music". They kids loved it even though it was long and they ate three pizzas and popcorn and laid all over each other and snuggled and it was very heart warming.
They went to bed very quickly and easily around nine and popped back up into action around 6AM. I fed them waffles and then we set up a massive scavenger hunt. They played hard until we whisked them to church where they immediately joined up with more friends and continued the party. Davis got up at church during joys and concerns and said how joyful he was that Violet had come with him to church.
It was hard to say goodbye when Rob and Cheris came to pick them up. I love having those sweet kids and it was really special to watch our kids play so fiercely and be so independent and make their own memories with their best friends. I used to always have friends sleepover when I was growing up on the ranch and it is so cool to get to re-create these memories for my children.

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