Monday, March 3, 2014

Mardi Gras Weekend

So, Mardi Gras weekend was weird. We kicked it off with Samuel's procedure on Friday. It went well, but when he came out of recovery he was in lots of pain and was sick from the anesthesia and it was very traumatic for all of us. (They saw some mild inflammation and took some biopsies, but we won't know anything for a couple of weeks.) Finally Samuel was calm and we headed home. We picked up the most amazing dessert from Thai Fresh of vegan hazelnut chocolate pie with coconut cream in order break Samuel's fast. He was pleased. Davis had gotten to spend the day at the montessori school with Ms. Spaulding and reported that he had a splendid time.
Once Samuel was free and clear, I could admit to being quite sick and I fell onto the chaise lounge for the duration of the weekend. Most of it anyway. I had the worst, most miserable cold, but I tried to power through.
Saturday we went to the Mardi Gras parade here in San Marcos which was precious, but oh-so-teeny-tiny. It was a bit of let down quite frankly. Then we went to Louie's Oyster bar with my parents and Martha and Clark where the service was absolutely horrendous and where I mostly just wanted to lay my head on the table and sleep. The sick was winning.
I slept all afternoon, rousing in time to watch "Tales of the Night" for family movie night which is really amazing. I was back in bed by 8PM.
Sunday I was really, really, feeling badly so I stayed in bed most of the day while Michael and the kids cleaned out the garage and the yard crew came and worked in our beds. Michael also sold his vespa! This was a major milestone in his life. (This was also how we managed to pay the yard crew.)
I supervised some gumbo making and then took a bunch of drugs, put on my mardi gras wig and went over to my mom's house for a mardi gras potluck. I got to spend some time with my sister and with the Liffords and I had a really good time, despite feeling like a dog bone. I HAD to celebrate mardi gras! Then I went home and laid awake all night trying to stop coughing long enough to sleep.
This morning I took the kids to school and Michael to get his rental car (He's spending the week in sunny San Angelo!) and then I took myself to the doctor. The nasty cold had turned into bronchitis so the new dr (My old doctor retired and left a new one in his place), handed me some antibiotics and a magical syrup which he promised me would erase all symptoms in 15-20 minute. (liar.)
Then I slept the rest of this day away.
Some day I must, must, MUST go to work again. My people, they need me.
Anyway, I have to fit in some work time, because in just five days (maybe four if Michael gets home early from Sunny San Angelo), we will be headed out for our fabulous, spring break, birthday, Caribbean cruise!
So long Mardi Gras! Next year we will celebrate you in New Orleans!
And now. 1. We need an easy fix for Samuel. 2. I need to feel better ASAP. 3. I need to work. 4. I need to pack. 5. Michael needs to come home.
P.S. Thanks for the good thoughts for Samuel.

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cheris said...

"Amber, you need to stop doing EVERYTHING," said everyone.

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