Monday, March 31, 2014

NCL Jewel- Day at Sea and Cozumel

Our first full day of our cruise was an "At Sea" day. We got up early, took the kids to the kids club and then Michael headed to the gym while I put on my favorite work out video on my iPad, opened our balcony door to the sea breeze, and worked out in the cabin. When I finished my work out, I cleaned up and headed down to the main lobby to see a sushi demonstration.
Michael finally arrived from his workout out and we explored the ship until time to pick up the kids from lunch. We dined in the buffet and then took the kids to the pool where they went down the waterslide many times. Then we cleaned up and went to the Latitude members cocktail reception. Davis was very impressed to be invited to a VIP soiree and even more thrilled to receive a virgin cocktail in a champagne flute.

We returned the kids to the kids club and Michael and I went to a martini tasting, where we met friends and tasted some very "meh" cocktails. That evening we all dressed up in our finery and went out to dinner for Mongolian Hot Pot. The children enjoyed the thrill of tabletop preparation, but the vegetarian soup was very bland. The sake was delicious. The boys went off to the kids club again after dinner for "Hollywood Night", and Michael and I checked out a private karaoke room. The whole thing was very sketchy as no one knew how to charge for them, how to get us in, or even how to work the machines. We finally got it working, attempted some songs from the terrible catalog and then snuck out the back employee entrance. It sounds like a nightmare, but the whole thing was absolutely hilarious.
The next morning, we woke to see our ship docking in Cozumel. We had a leisurely breakfast and then went to have our family pictures taken at the photo studio on board. We had a great time taking our pictures and were very optimistic when we left. We went down to our room, changed clothes, grabbed the beach bag and headed ashore.

We walked through the crowded pier, ignoring all of the souvenir vendors and found ourselves a taxi. We drove straight to Chankunaab park, a short distance away. The park was lovely and included a botanical garden with recreations of all the ruins through the years with a timeline and a living farm. It also had many beach areas with snorkeling, a dolphin and manatee area and a zipline, though we skipped the animals and zipline. Instead, we found some beach chairs and took turns lying in the sun, drinking daiquiris and snorkeling. The kids made instant friends and enjoyed their afternoon on the beach. We had tacos and chips and guacamole that were delicious and then made our way through the botanical gardens before heading back to the boat.

That evening, Michael played an intense game of dodgeball with the kids on the sports court, and then we dropped off the kids at the kids club and Michael and I went to a fancy dinner at the steak house, after which, we went to the Spinnaker lounge and laid in a big green couch bed and watched a live game show. The kids stayed up late and we all fell fast asleep as soon as our heads hit the pillows.

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