Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Campout

Michael and I hosted a three day Easter celebration down at the river behind our house. We offered a come and go camping opportunity as well as a potluck celebration and outdoor movie on Saturday night and a big Easter potluck lunch, Easter egg hunt and piƱata on Sunday afternoon.
Many of our friends and family attended and it was wonderful. Michael and I set up our tent, but never actually slept there. We spent all our waking hours down at the river with our friends, but sleepily headed up the hill late at night to shower and cuddle in our bed. It was perfect.
Michael and I were able to set up our brand new outdoor movie theater on Saturday night thanks to both sets of our parents and our inaugural video was Return of the Jedi. Michael was so happy and it was so wonderful to sit outside on the banks of the river in perfect weather and watch a movie with our friends. The kids sat on picnic blankets in front of us and hopped up intermittently to battle each other with lightsabers under the screen.
Our Easter Sunday was wonderful and full of great friends, great food, and great times with our families.

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