Tuesday, April 15, 2014

NCL Jewel- Costa Maya- Day at Sea

Our day in Costa Maya was my birthday. I had reserved a table and chairs at a local restaurant on a beach. I didn't have much care about Costa Maya, as it is a made-for-cruise-ships port, but I DID care about chips, guacamole and margaritas, so we went ashore. Unfortunately, there was lots and lots of wind. Huge wind. Wind so strong that the smaller ship that came in to port behind us, couldn't dock. So we went ashore, took a taxi to the restaurant, ate the required mexican food, rented the kids a kayak, did a little shopping and then walked back on to the boat in under two hours. Once on the boat and protected from the wind, we made our way to the pool deck where I plopped myself down in the hot tub and spent a blissful hour.
When we got back to the room, it had been decorated for my birthday (thanks to my sweet husband) and a cake had been delivered. We ate said cake and then cleaned up and headed out to the jewelry store onboard where Michael bought me an amazing, gorgeous mystic topaz ring for my birthday. Then we fed the kids and dropped them off at the kids club. Michael and I went out for a sushi dinner date on the boat and then curled up in the club to read and cuddle before picking up the kids, stopping off for a crepe at the crepe station and heading to the room for bed.
Our last day aboard the ship was a sea day. Michael and I dropped the kids off at the club and then met for ships tour. We loved this tour as we got to go behind the scenes and see not only the kitchens, but the belly of the ship including the trash and recycle and laundry and engine, and the backstage of the theater. I had to go collect the kids from the club, but they joined the tour in time to go on the bridge! It was fascinating and we all enjoyed it. We had lunch in the fancy dining room, opening the bottle of champagne we had won in the game show. After lunch, we went to see Davis perform in the kids club "Circus" show in the big theater. Samuel chose not to participate and sat with us in the theater. Davis had a starring role and was featured doing the chinese yoyo. We were very proud. We had time that afternoon for some pool and water slide time and then spent our last evening doing our favorite things. Michael and I dined and sat in the bars and read and the kids went to the kids club.
We were very sorry to leave the ship the next morning and drive back to San Marcos. Luckily, this was the first of three cruises booked for this year so we have lots to look forward to!

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