Tuesday, April 8, 2014

NCL Jewel- Roatan

Our favorite day of our cruise was our day in Roatan. I had researched the port extensively online and came across the Little French Key as a favorite destination. I emailed them and booked a package there. It included (and I quote)
1. Entrance and a comfortable boat ride to Little French Key Private Island
2. Great and delicious Fresh island Style Lunch served on the private island, which includes little french keyBrochettes of Fillet Mignon, Lobster, Shrimp, marinated chicken breast, fresh homemade yucca chips, fresh homemade salsa, rice and beans and Island salad
3. 2 drinks of your choice
4. Use of all our facilities and all non-motorized equipment such as snorkeling equipment, Kayaks, water beds, water chairs, chase lounges, etc……
5. Guided Tour of our Private Zoo with friendly and tamed Monkeys, Macaws Parrots, Toucan and Jaguar Cubs, Island Rabbit and Island Deer.
6. Round trip transportation to and from our facilities.
7. Guided snorkel tour of the adjacent reef (the second largest in the world) with a very short boat ride with personal guide. Truly a must see!
All of this was true and more. We walked off the boat as soon as we were allowed and walked through the gates of the port and found our guide and transportation right where they said they would be. They drove us across the island to the other side where we paid cash for our package and then hopped on a pontoon boat for the five minute ride over to the island. Once we there, paradise.
The weather was absolutely perfect. The island wasn't crowded and it was exactly as described. I started the day off right by having a 30 minute massage on the beach while Michael and the boys checked out a paddle board and a kayak and played in the water. We had a tour of the zoo and we got to hold and pet a monkey! Michael was in love with the parrots who reached through the wires of their cages to try and get at us. The boys even got to pet a teenaged jaguar cub! (The things they will let you do in Roatan!). We climbed a giant tree house and got to watch a wedding.
After a while we hopped in the boat for a guided snorkel on the reef. On the way there, Samuel announced he had to go to the bathroom and so Davis and I went on for the snorkel and the driver took Michael and Samuel quickly back to shore and back. The snorkeling was amazing. The fish were plentiful and bright and the coral beautiful and diverse. Davis was snorkeling like a pro out in the deep water. When Michael and Samuel returned, Sam panicked in the water and Michael called me over to help. When we got him comfortable and happy snorkeling, we realized we had lost Davis. I panicked and bobbed in the water, screaming his name. None of our group knew where he was including the guide. After a tense minute or two, I spotted him far off in between swells. He had followed a fish and left us behind. I quickly swam out to him and we all had to pretend there was no panic so he wouldn't freak out, but Michael had all he could take and shakily climbed back into the boat. There could be no more snorkeling that day for him.
We returned to the island and had a wonderful lunch and the boys continued discovering their deep love for kayaking, before taking the pontoon boat back to the mainland and returning to the ship.
Other than the small snorkeling blip, the day was perfect. We would love to come back to the French Key again and would really like to see more of Honduras.
That evening we dropped the kids off at the kids club, dined at the steakhouse and then made our way to the Spinnaker lounge where were contestants on a game show called "The Perfect Couple". This was a silly game where couples had to do ridiculous physical feats, however, at the end, Michael and I won! The whole show was broadcast through the ship on a loop for days and often after, people on the ship would yell to us as we were passing, "Hey! It's the perfect couple!". So there is that.

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