Monday, April 7, 2014

Texas Day

The third grade class at Davis' school had a "Texas Day" last week. The children have been studying Texas history all year and this is the culmination of months long study. Each student was assigned a character. They read the biography and made a poster and wrote a three page report on their character and then on Texas day, dressed up as that character and presented their report. Davis was Juan Seguin. After their report presentation, we (the parents) served up a Texas cowboy lunch and then manned stations for the children. I was assigned to the games station and taught the kids a hoops game and marbles. There was also an archery and roping station, a craft station where they built little covered wagons and a horseshoes station. My dad spent the day with me at the school and though it was very, very windy, the sun shone brightly and we all had a great time.

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