Thursday, April 24, 2014

Things I Love Right Now

I can't get motivated today. I have spring fever, bad. I don't want to pack any more lunches, help with any more homework, drive kids to any more lessons. I have a lot of things on my to-do list today, but while I linger over my tea, I thought I'd turn to the blog and share some of the things that I currently use and that I'm in love with. In no particular order:
1. Intellishade

This stuff is amazing. It blends in perfectly with my skin so I don't look all orange. It is matte, so it doesn't make me all greasy and it really protects my skin from the sun. A little of this, some bronzer on my cheeks and some lip gloss and that's all I need for the summer.

2. Smoked Paprika
Smoked paprika is a wonderful spice that I use all the time to give foods a more "meaty" taste. I use it almost all my stew, chili and beans. You can sprinkle it on starches too, like potatoes, rice and flat breads.

3. T-Fal Actifry
This is my new toy and I love it. You can make so much more in this gadget than just french fries! I've made a curry, a spaghetti sauce and the best risotto I've ever made. This is so worth it.

4. Paderno Spiralizer
I have been making lots of zucchini noodles with these and they are so yummy. I use them in place of pasta and even though they are raw, they aren't crunchy and so they have a great texture and are so healthy. I've also been using them to make a lot of asian "noodle" salads that are perfect for warm weather.

5. Vega One Shake Mix
This shake mix makes me very happy. It is so good for me and totally delicious, especially the chocolate flavor. Michael and I have a shake every single day for breakfast. We mix a scoop of shake mix with half a banana and almond milk. Perfect, simple, easy and nutritious.

6. Heart Thrive Bars
These bars rock my world. They should be at the top of this list. They are wheat free, vegan and have 30% of your daily calcium requirement. They are low fat and low calorie, but they keep me full forever. They have so many delicious flavors, though my favorites are cranberry, apple and chocolate. My kids love them and I feel like I'm giving them something good for them instead of a sugar filled "cereal" bar.

7. Fashion Stork
This is a men's clothing club that sends out monthly boxes. I signed up Michael in December for their introductory rate of $59 dollars a month. The company was brand new and began with some hits and misses, but wow, they are amazing now. Michael has his own stylist who he can chat with and to whom he can send pictures. He chooses his favorite colors and styles on his fashion profile and can put in notes about his personal style. (Last month I hacked it and asked his stylist to dress him like Damon from the Vampire Diaries.) He gets about $300 worth of clothes each month and can send back anything he doesn't like or doesn't fit. Last week he got a pair of $200 Diesel jeans, a tongue in cheek "hawaiaan" shirt and a great trilby hat. There is no contract and they are really great about customer feed back. I can't recommend the service highly enough.

8. Little Passports
This is a monthly service for the kids. My parents ordered this as a gift last year for the kids and they really enjoyed it. There are activity sheets and a letter and a souvenir each month as well as a map you can track their progress on and a passport.

9. AirTreks
This website stays open on my browser almost all the time. I love their blog/news section and their store. The whole website is a mecca for those of us who dream about around the world travel.

And that's all for now. I need to go clean my house now. Sigh.

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Kat Ogden said...

I'd rather you just keep posting.

So the shakes and the Heart Thrive bars are awesome. They absolutely keep me going through the day and I am sold. Your spiral zucchini maker looks fascinating. I love warm weather salads but sometimes even boiling water when it's hot puts me off making pasta salads. Plus I'm not good with carbs when it gets warm. I drink too much iced coffee to stay awake after eating them.

Now the stylist…that sounds amazing! Definitely looking into that...