Monday, May 26, 2014

Gypsy Jazz Party

For the last few years, my parents have traveled to France to attend the Djanjo Reinhardt music festival. The festival is very small and laid back. It is tucked on a tiny island in the river accessed by a footbridge. With tents full of guitars and clumps of musicians all around jamming gypsy jazz, the festival is wonderful for my parents. However, France is a very long trip for my dad these days, so my mama decided to throw a gypsy jazz festival right in her own backyard. We hired two gypsy jazz bands to play, and threw a backyard, potluck bbq party. We decorated the tables with wildflowers and bought lots of french rose wine and yummy beers and invited some of our favorite people. It was a wonderful party. I had the best time and the music! The music was the very best part. My parents throw the best parties!

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