Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mother's Day Weekend 2014

I have had a pretty wonderful mother's day weekend. On Friday, the boys didn't have school so my mom and dad kept them while I got my hair done and then we all we went out to lunch at Casa Maria. Yum! That afternoon, Martha and Clark came over and Michael and Davis and his dad set up our outdoor movie theater while Martha and Samuel and I played monopoly. Then I made dinner and we gifted Martha with presents before our guests began arriving for Friday Backyard Family Movie night. Rain and storms had been blowing over all day, but the weather cleared just in time for a gorgeous sunset and perfect evening for an outdoor movie. We watched "The Sandlot", which I had never seen before, but really enjoyed. Michael and I have been telling each other, "You're killing me, Smalls!", over and over ever since.
The next morning I worked out and then we loaded up the car, picked up mom and dad and drove up to the Reserve at Lake Travis to spend an early mother's day/foundation meeting with Tiffany and Keith and Kade. I LOVE the reserve. It has all the amenities of a Hyatt resort. We sat by the pool and the kids did the water slide and we all gifted each other and then Tiffany and Michael and Keith and I did the lazy river. After a while, we drove down the hill to the lodge to eat lunch. We had the place to ourselves as we got there five minutes before it closed, but our service was horrendous. Still, the atmosphere could not have better and it gave us a nice long time to have our meeting and catch up with each other. The boys played on the great pirate ship they have there and swung on the rope swing.
We thought about doing another outdoor movie night that evening, but decided instead to have a pajama party and watch the new Lego Movie. I didn't know if I would like it, but I ended up really enjoying it. It was a very sweet movie and I belly laughed several times while watching it.
This morning, the boys brought me breakfast in bed. I woke up to see Michael and the boys standing over me with a tray with my favorite overnight oats and cup of green tea and loads of presents. Each boy (including Michael) had written me a letter telling me how much they love me. Samuel and Michael had made me a birdhouse and Davis had made me a frame with his picture in it. They had also all gotten me the MOST fabulous iPhone case with a silly family photo on it. I love it. After a leisurely breakfast, I came out of my room and the boys and I dashed over to my parents house to hug and kiss my mom and grandma and give them their gifts. Then we came home and played another game of monopoly while Michael packed to leave for Florida. He left around noon and the boys and I changed into our swim suits and walked over to my mom's house to relax by the pool. My mama and I sat by the pool and chatted and read and then tried out my sister's paddle board. It was fun! We stayed several hours and then the boys and I made our way home to relax for a while. I have dinner in the crock pot and we plan on finishing the Anne of Green Gables movie tonight. It has been a very wonderful, relaxing weekend.

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