Friday, May 23, 2014

Summer Has Begun!

School ended last Friday. Michael flew home late Thursday night and was able to join us for the weekend. We attended fine arts day at the Academy with both sets of grandparents. Each of the boys class performed a skit and then they had an awards ceremony. Davis got perfect attendance, but did not get the "All-A's" medal and was deeply disappointed and deeply motivated to try and get it next year. Samuel won the 1st grade reading award. After the ceremony we had a quick lunch and dashed off to the end of the year school pool party! The boys had a wonderful time and Michael and I got to meet lots of the other parents.
Late that night, Davis got sick and I worried the whole rest of the weekend was going to be cancelled, but Davis quickly recovered and after a quick doctor visit, we moved on with our own "celebrate summer" pool party and potluck. We hosted at my parents house and despite the wind, managed to set up a movie screen outside. We had a nice group of people and plenty of kids, which I had really worried about because it seemed like no one was going to be able to come. (Side note, it seems like I get more and more stressed out trying to manage my kids' social lives. Also, the more I try to arrange things for them, and the more people turn us down, the more I seem to take it personally. I need to work on that.) The pool party was really fun though and I got to spend time with some of my favorite people and the movie was fun. I call that a success!
Sunday morning we all packed up and Michael headed off to the airport for a week in Salt Lake City and the boys and I loaded up the car and drove down to Port A to stay in our condo with my parents for a few days. The weather was lovely for our beach trip though there was a ton of seaweed. Still, the seaweed doesn't bother us and there was almost no one there yet since most people are still in school, so we had a great time. My friend Marjorie came down with her son Pryor (a school friend of Davis) and we got to spend lots of time on the beach together. My mom and I cooked together and chatted and it was really great to spend that time at the beach with my mom and dad. On the annoying side, the week before I broke out in what turns out to be hives all over and the heat at the beach was not my friend. They are terrible and itchy and my dermatologist tells me there is no quick fix. Sigh.
Other than that small irritation, it was a great start to our summer!
Michael got home late last night and tonight we will do our last outdoor movie night for a while. We have a big weekend ahead of us with a Gypsy Jazz party and a wedding and then I will hop on a plane and spend the week with Michael in Denver while he works there. With Martha and Clark keeping the boys and a companion pass on Southwest and extremely generous and understanding employers, it seemed a perfect way to spend the week.
I have lots of thoughts and such to share, but that will have to wait till I have some time while I'm in Denver.

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