Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Father's Day Weekend

We had a nice father's day weekend. Friday night the boys had a sleepover (Sam's first!) with Violet and Graham and Michael and stayed in and snuggled on the couch and ate thai takeout and watched a double feature. It was just what we needed.
We picked up the kids on Saturday and had a wonderful lunch at Thai Fresh before heading home. That evening we hosted a family movie night. Michael's cousin Stacy drove down from Austin with her family and Marja came with her kids and we had good conversation and fun kid play before the movie. Davis and Samuel were exhausted from their sleepover and put themselves to bed right before the movie started. My cousins Lilly and Manie and their significant others came as the movie was starting and we all enjoyed the movie outside.
Sunday was father's day and we enjoyed a pancake breakfast and presents before heading to church where I was lay leading. It was so wonderful to be back at church after a long hiatus. I love that community and miss it.
After church we went straight to the pool and had a swim and picnic lunch there with my parents and Marchelle and Marc and their baby. It was a perfect Sunday afternoon.

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