Thursday, June 12, 2014


I just spent the last 24 hours in hell. And it's not entirely over. Yesterday evening I was sitting on a restaurant patio in a meeting and I started to get a terrible headache. Then I broke out in a sweat and then got dizzy and nauseous. I excused myself for the bathroom and when I got there, I fainted dead away. I woke up and was sick. I gathered my things and kids and headed for home where I moved onto the bathroom floor for the next twelve hours. I slept in snatches on the floor by the toilet with my head pounding and being sick at least every hour.
With Michael and my parents and my in-laws all out of town I felt completely helpless.
I called my doctor this morning and he said to go into urgent care right away as he was out of town. I dropped off my kids with Uncle Larry (my lifesaver!) and went to the doctor, driving, squinting against the sun and vomiting the whole way. Driving and vomiting at the same time is very difficult! And dangerous!
The doctor looked me over and said it wasn't a stomach virus, it was a severe migraine, probably triggered by menopause and the heat. When looking back, that's probably what happened when I fainted in New Orleans last summer and then was so sick.
The doc gave me shots for pain and nausea and a prescription and sent me home where I was able to sleep for several hours while my kids played in the house and left me alone.
I have never felt so sick in my whole life. I will do anything, ANYTHING, to keep from this happening again.
I'm still all shaky and nauseous, but much, much better.

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cheris said...

UGH I can't believe that happened. So glad it's almost over!

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